Emergency Tree Service

Roanoke VA Emergency Tree Service

Roots Arbor Care offers Roanoke VA Emergency Tree Service. The trees around your property are crucial for providing shade, aesthetic beauty, and general comfort around your property. However, like anything, they require ongoing care to remain the beautiful addition you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a storm knocking down branches or an old tree that’s become a liability, there may come a time when you need emergency tree service in Roanoke. At Roots Arbor Care, we are your reliable arborists. From removing branches that prevent you from getting access to your home to cleaning up after a severe storm, you can count on our employees to provide you with fast and friendly tree service.

Types of Emergency Tree Service

  • Fallen Branches: Whether a branch has fallen on power lines, is blocking access to your home, has damaged your roof, or is close to falling, getting immediate attention is essential. Not only can falling branches damage your home, but if it affects power lines and other utilities, it could pose a much larger issue in the long run.
  • Splitting Trees: As tree age or sustain damage this can split. This leaves you with a large portion of trunk close to falling on your home or business. If there’s an old tree that’s a cause for concern, getting it removed quickly can reduce the risk of damage.
  • Storm Damage: After a storm, many of your trees can suffer damage. Whether a tree was uprooted completely, is close to falling, or has many branches close to coming off, post-storm emergency tree service is a common call we get.
  • Insurance Issues: In some cases, your home insurance may require you to remove certain trees as they pose a risk for your prospect. If the said tree is too large or it’s simply a project you can’t handle, you can count on our staff to offer fast and reliable solutions to ensure you’re in compliance with your insurance.
  • Dying Trees: Older trees can often look beautiful, but in some cases, they’re also prone to damage. A rotted branch or trunk can easily collapse onto your home. If you’re concerned about the health of the trees on your property, be sure to schedule an inspection before it’s too late.