Hazardous Trees

Roanoke VA Hazardous Tree Services

Do you need Roanoke VA hazardous tree services? Roots Arbor Care has you covered! Throughout the Roanoke Valley,  trees add rich beauty to the landscape. While true we appreciate and respect the Pine trees, Ash trees, Oak trees, Maple trees, Birch trees, and perhaps even Willow trees on their property, sometimes they can be dangerous.

If trees on your property are not properly taken care of, they can endanger your home and your family. Every year, trees that are not professionally cared for cause power outages, damage to homes and property, car accidents, fires, injury, and even death. These destructive events can be avoided if hazardous trees are removed before they cause damage.

Signs of Hazardous Trees

Do your trees have large, dead branches?
Hanging, detached branches?
Are there cavities or rotting wood along the trunk?
Have your trees developed leaves or strange size or shape?
Are mushrooms present at the base of the tree?
Are there cracks and splits in the trunk or where branches attach?
Have branches fallen from the tree?
Have nearby trees died or fallen?
Do your trees lean?
Has your property been recently effected by landscaping or construction?

Roots Arbor Care is Roanoke VA hazardous tree service company. We remove problem trees from your property with minimal effect on the surrounding area, and we efficiently dispose of them with the smallest amount of waste possible. Through the use of our bucket truck, many removals are as simple as plucking the trees out of your yard from the nearest street.

Do you think you may have hazardous trees on your property? Roots Arbor Care performs free tree removal estimates throughout the Roanoke Valley. Roots Arbor Care will look at your problem trees and make an affordable recommendation on removing them. This will help prevent damage from dangerous trees on your property. They will even remove fallen trees. Contact Us today for your hazardous tree solutions.