Tree Inspections

Roanoke VA Tree Inspections

Roots Arbor Care offers Roanoke VA tree inspections service. An important part of owning a commercial property or home is being proactive about the care and potential risks it can face. Although your trees play a pivotal role in providing shade and beauty, they can also be one of the biggest liabilities. Whether it’s a fallen branch or invasive roots that damaged tiles and interiors, it can amount to massive costs that could have easily been avoided with a quality tree risk assessment service.

At Roots Arbor Care, we are your reliable Roanoke area tree service company. We have over 25 years of experience in assessing and resolving potential tree risks for customers just like you. Whether your trees are showing visible signs of damage or you simply want to address potential risks, our expert staff is here to help.

Why You Should Schedule a Tree Inspection

A damaged tree can have a major impact on your home and property. So why should you be concerned about schedule tree risk assessment? Some of the reasons include:

  • Property Damage: A fallen tree or branch can cause significant damage to your home or commercial property. While in some cases it can be simple like a damaged gutter, depending on the size of your tree, you could be looking at broken windows and damaged roofing as well.
  • Tree Health: Trees are essential for your comfort and curb appeal. In many instances, you can extend the life of your tree and ensure that it always has a full canopy by assessing its health.
  • Insurance Risks: While many homeowners have extensive insurance policies for their homes, tree damage is not always covered, especially when it isn’t related to a storm. In addition, an insurance policy may require you to address certain risks before renewing or applying for a new policy, which is where risk assessment comes in handy.