Spring Tree Check

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Spring is upon us and trees are budding. This time of year it is imperative to get outside and check your trees. Dead or broken branches are easier to spot in spring right as the leaves are starting to pop out. Dead branches stand out fairly well and will be easy to spot as the have no leaves or buds. Without a mature canopy to obscure your view, spotting a problem branch is never easier.

Check your roofline

Another problem to check on while outside is the clearance of your tree limbs from your roofline. As the new leaves come out the branches will weigh down from the added foliage. Branches that come to close to your roof can do a surprising amount of damage over time! There have been cases we’ve seen holes worn clear though not just the shingles on the roof, but the plyboard underneath as well. You may think that it’s only large limbs that are to worry about, but it was twigs no bigger then my fingers that had rubbed back and forth with the wind and done all that damage. Don’t wait for the sticker shock of an estimate for a new roof. Tree experts can usually trim back your trees to a safe clearance for a fraction of the cost.

Give us a call at 540.655.2888 if you are spotting any trouble trees or branches or you need us to come out to inspect your trees. Roots Arbor Care will be happy to take care of all of your tree needs.